'F4' & 'Ant-Man' Composers Revealed

‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot and ‘Ant-Man’ Composers Revealed

Composers Marco Beltrami (The Wolverine) and Christophe Beck (RED) will provide the music for Fox’s ‘The Fantastic Four’ and Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’, respectively.

by Robert Yaniz Jr. | 18 mins ago2 Comments

'Suicide Squad': Viola Davis 'Fascinated, Excited' To Play Amanda Waller

‘Suicide Squad’: Viola Davis is ‘Fascinated, Excited’ To Play Amanda Waller

Viola Davis explains why the role of Amanda Waller in the star-studded ‘Suicide Squad’ has her fascinated – and ready to jump in on the film’s action.

by Andrew Dyce | 45 mins ago6 Comments

Josh Gad Offers 'Triplets' Movie Update

‘Triplets’ Writer Offers Status Update on ‘Twins’ Sequel

Josh Gad will next star alongside Kevin Hart in ‘The Wedding Ringer’ but he’s also writing the script for ‘Twins’ sequel ‘Triplets’. Here’s the latest news.

by Kofi Outlaw | 2 hours ago8 Comments

Edgar Wright Loses 'Ant-Man' Script Credit

‘Ant-Man’: Edgar Wright No Longer Credited as Screenwriter

Original ‘Ant-Man’ director Edgar Wright is receiving story and executive producer credit for the film, but he’s no longer named as a co-screenwriter.

by Sandy Schaefer | 2 hours ago16 Comments

Jurassic Parks and Recreation

SR Geek Picks: Jurassic Parks and Recreation, Honest ‘Taken’ Trailer & More

Jurassic Parks and Recreation with Chris Pratt; an honest trailer for ‘Taken’; real-life Peter Griffin; the most underrated movies of 2014 – and more!

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'Ant-Man' Trailer Dissected

‘Ant-Man’ Trailer Analysis And Character Guide

Our analysis of the official ‘Ant-Man’ movie trailer explains the characters, setting and story of the Marvel Studios’s latest superhero origin story.

by Rob Keyes | 6 hours ago59 Comments


John Travolta Joins 'American Crime Story'

John Travolta Joins ‘American Crime Story’ TV Show Cast

John Travolta is returning to TV in Ryan Murphy and FX’s upcoming ‘American Crime Story’, his first full-time TV gig since ‘Welcome Back, Kotter!’ in the ’70s.

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'Curb Your Enthusiasm': Season 8 Unlikely; No Final Episode

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: Larry David Says Season 8 Unlikely; No Final Episode

If you were hopeful that ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ will be returning to HBO for season 8, Larry Davis explains why it’s highly unlikely to ever happen.

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Stop Calling Agent Carter a Feminist Triumph

Stop Calling ‘Agent Carter’ a Feminist Triumph

Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ is being hailed as a victory for representation of women both on TV and in the Marvel universe, but is this attitude doing more harm than good?

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'Daredevil' Premiere Date & Motion Poster

Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Premieres on Netflix This April

Marvel TV debuts the motion poster and premiere date for their first Netflix series ‘Daredevil’ – the beginning of a franchise based in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

by Rob Keyes | 3 hours ago23 Comments

'Agent Carter' Premiere Easter Eggs & Marvel References

‘Agent Carter’ Premiere: 10 Marvel Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Now that the two-part premiere of Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ has aired, we point out the subtle nods, trivia, and comic easter eggs fans may have missed.

by Andrew Dyce | 7 hours ago17 Comments

'Agent Carter' Premiere Review

‘Agent Carter’ Premiere Review: A Profound Triumph for Marvel & ABC

The writers of ‘Captain America’ revisit the ’40s to reveal an untold chapter of Peggy Carter’s life in the ‘Agent Carter’ two-hour series premiere.

by Anthony Ocasio | 14 hours ago90 Comments