'Transformers' Cinematic Universe in Development

‘Transformers’ Cinematic Universe in Development

Paramount is putting together a brain trust to expand the ‘Transformers’ movie franchise to encompass multi-part sequels and spinoffs.

by Chris Agar | 3 hours ago39 Comments

First Look: Deadpool Movie Costume

Ryan Reynolds Shares Official ‘Deadpool’ Movie Costume Photo

Ryan Reynolds suits up as Deadpool with a red and black costume straight from Marvel Comics in the first official costume photo for the ‘X-Men’ spinoff.

by Rob Keyes | 8 hours ago90 Comments

Suicide Squad: Captain Boomerang Weapons & Attitude

‘Suicide Squad’ Rumor: Captain Boomerang’s Costume & Attitude

The ‘Suicide Squad’ movie version of Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) may have a new flavor along with his traditional weapons.

by Kofi Outlaw | 9 hours ago10 Comments

Gareth Edwards & Josh Trank to Attend Star Wars Celebration 2015

‘Star Wars’: Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank to Attend Star Wars Celebration 2015

The 2015 Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA will feature a panel with ‘Star Wars’ spinoff directors Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank.

by Anthony Vieira | 10 hours ago16 Comments

Key and Peele's 'Substitute Teacher' Becoming a Movie

Movie News Wrap Up: ‘Substitute Teacher’ Movie, ‘Alien Nation’ Remake, and More

Key and Peele’s ‘Substitute Teacher’ is becoming a movie; ‘Alien Nation’ is getting a remake; ‘Independence Day 2′ casting; and more!

by Robert Yaniz Jr. | 12 hours ago2 Comments

'Star Trek 3' Returning The 'Spirit' of Original TV Series

‘Star Trek 3′ Returning The ‘Spirit’ of Original TV Series

‘Star Trek 3′ star and co-writer Simon Pegg says the movie will be a return to the TV series’ original ‘optimism’ and sense of adventure.

by Chris Agar | 1 day ago128 Comments


Hiro Returning for 'Heroes Reborn'

‘Heroes Reborn’: Masi Oka to Reprise Role as Hiro Nakamura

Masi Oka will reprise his role as Hiro Nakamura for a guest-starring arc on NBC’s ‘Heroes Reborn’, which is expected to air Fall 2015.

by Molly Freeman | 1 hour ago3 Comments

'Game of Thrones' S5 Stunts Featurette

‘Game of Thrones’ Featurette: The Stunt Work for Season 5

A new featurette for the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ goes in-depth into the stunts featured in the episodes ahead.

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'Walking Dead' Spinoff Gets a Title

‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff TV Series Officially Titled ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

‘The Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed that the upcoming TV spinoff is officially titled ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.

by Sandy Schaefer | 4 hours ago27 Comments

'The Blacklist' Season 2, Episode 17 Review

‘The Blacklist’: A Dark Cloud is Approaching

Liz investigates a billionaire searching for immortality in ‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 17: ‘The Longevity Initiative’.

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'Vikings' Season 3, Episode 6 Review

‘Vikings’: The Gateway to Paris

Ragnar continues to lose the trust of those closest to him, as he plots to invade Paris in ‘Vikings’ season 3, episode 6: ‘Born Again’.

by David Griffin | 11 hours ago5 Comments

'Coach' Revived for Season 10

‘Coach’ Being Revived for 13-Episode Season 10

NBC has ordered a fresh season of the hit 1990s TV sitcom ‘Coach’, with star Craig T. Nelson returning as Coach Hayden Fox.

by Robert Yaniz Jr. | 13 hours ago23 Comments