Two New Images From Terminator Salvation

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Today we have two new images for the upcoming fourth installment to the Terminator franchise.

The first of the two features Christian Bale Playing with Skorponok’s tail while air-transporting it back to the United States after a fierce battle in the desert. Wait a sec… wrong movie.

This is actually John Connor examining a Hydrobot as seen in the Terminator Salvation concept art I posted about back in November. I don’t particularly care about this Terminator design as I don’t feel it fits into the pre-established Terminator universe from the earlier movies and even the show.

terminator11 Two New Images From Terminator Salvation

Obviously, my feelings can change once getting a good look at it in the film and I’m pretty excited to see how it plays out. Apparently, the Hydrobot can attack by sea or air. The film is introducing ten (that’s right 10!) NEW Terminator designs into the new movie. Whether that’s good or bad I’m not sure yet but I wished they give more focus to the vehicles we got brief glimpses of in Terminator 1 & 2 and only add a few new ones. From what we saw in the trailer, the new bots shown all look like they’re from Transformers or The Matrix.

The second new picture we have is of some soldier approaching a recently downed planes – Probably a result of those pesky robots. I’m not sure who it is yet but for fun I can guess that it’s Bale or Sam Worthington’s character.

terminator21 Two New Images From Terminator Salvation

What do you think? Are you digging all of the new bot-designs?

Terminator Salvation hits theaters May 22, 2009.

Source: Film School Rejects

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  1. I can’t stand the new designs I’ve seen so far except for the T-600. That looks fine. But the moto-terminator? Harvester? It’s a joke. McG thinks that he has to have some giant, bad a** looking robot, but they didn’t have those in the first 3 films. You know what made the future war with the machines a scary thought? Sheer numbers and the cold of an intelligent machine with no heart. You don’t need giant robots to make a good terminator film. They need lots of normal terminators instead.

    And they are straying real far away from established lore from the first films and the novels about the future war. I was excited about this when I first heard it, but the more I see, the less I care. They really screwed up with the McG hire. This movie could have been so good, it had so much potential. One last thing… You know how I know its going to stink? They actually thought at one time that it would be a good idea to kill John Connor and replace him with a terminator. McG actually said they considered that! Thats stupid and Im starting to think this will be too.

    I really hope I’m wrong about this. I’ve always loved the terminator films, and Since T1 I’ve dreamed of seeing a movie about the future war.

  2. There were giant machines in one of the first movies. I dont remember if it was the first or the second movie. But in one of those movies, there was a giant machine with tank-wheels killing people with a laser I think.

    So giant robots WERE in the first movies (when they were talking/imagining the future).

    Also I liked that harvester. Looks cool. Jezz, just enjoy the movie buddy.

  3. yeap, there was the giant gun bot thing that had treads – but it was Far different style and tech than anything shown for the new movie.

    Maybe they’re pulling a Trek where they explain the differences using the alternate time-line theory…since that is the key theme of the Terminator movies…it must play a role in this film too.

    Jon, at least we have Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion to look forward to! :)

  4. Yeah I don’t think I can handle 2 alternate timeline films in the same month. Is this going to be the new trend in sci-fi sequels, just call it a alternate universe.
    Super lame.

    Yeah I agree with Jon, its looking worse with every new photo…
    JoseMP I’m not gonna see this if its a bad Transformers ripoff. T4 and Star Trek are two films I’m gonna hold off and wait for the reviews to come out. If the reviews are anything less than stellar I’m not going to support these films.

  5. But this is 2018, the “future war” as it was told by Reese in “Terminator 1″ with the lasers, and the other stuff was in 2029 or around that year.

    This movie is going to show us HOW things started, how the “future war” started, leading eventually to 2029.

    In order to get to 2029 we first have to explore 2018. Nobody is talking alternative timelines, this is just the beginning of the “future war” (2018), not the end (2029).

  6. The reason this comes up JoseMP is because in the trailer Connor says, “this isn’t the future my mother told me about”.

    If you watch Terminator 1, Reese makes it pretty clear that the T-600 models were the first infantry units. (Go back and watch that scene). There were no Harvesters. Only HK tanks, flying Hunter Killers, and Terminator cyborgs.

  7. Yes, I distinctly remember those tank like machines. But those are a far cry from “Harvesters.” They can fill this movie with all the tank-like terminator machines they want. I’ll be cool with that. But “harvesters?

    I just don’t like it. Sorry that I disagree with you. I just don’t like it.

  8. And yes, I am looking forward to Ultimate Alliance 2 Fusion. It’s gonna be awesome.

  9. I just watched all 3 Terminator movies over the last 2 days so the story is fresh in my mind. A lot changed from Terminator to Terminator: Rise of the Machines.

    The new terminator models look pretty cool. I’ll need to see how they work with in the film so I’ll reserve final judgement (no pun intended) until I see it.

    Also, the 3rd Terminator movie starts off well past the supposed date for armagedon. It was mentioned specifically by John Connor that, before Sara Connor died, she thought they had prevented the war. John never believed this but many years passed since the date of annihilation. If you follow any kinda of time travel rules it’s entirely possible the altering of the future would create new terminator models. It can fit with what we know from the first 3 movies.

  10. Some of you are not paying attention to the fact that this movie predates all of the machines we have seen in the previous “Future flashbacks”. Rewatch the movies and the Terminator: SCC and you will understand. Reese does make reference to some of the new terminators and I see where McG is getting these ideas from. Also the plasma cannons that were used have not been invented yet. which is the reason why even the terminators are using common ammo as seen in the trailor.

    Also take note Conner states this isnt the future his mother warned him of. The future is different. There is no fate but what we make.

  11. So that means we have giant Michael Bay style terminators? There is no problem with introducing new elements to the story. I get it, it’s not the future his mother told him about. I get it, things change. This movie takes place before what we’ve already seen. But that doesn’t mean that they have to do exactly what they’ve just done. I just don’t like the looks of a couple of the new terminators. Plus, Terminator: SCC is so far from what the original 2 movies were. I watch it, I even enjoy it. But I don’t consider it a real Terminator show. It’s just a show with a kid named john, his mother named sarah and his robot sister who kicks a** 😉

    McG’s robots do look like transformers. I’m down for change, I expect change. I just don’t like McG’s vision, thats all. :) I’ll still see the movie, but I’m not expecting much. :(

  12. For starters, kudos to Michael Bay for making Transformers amazing, i loved it, and its one of my favorite movies.

    However, you can’t just downplay a movie because robots are being based on something else. Hell if we want to do that, then you could go all the way back to Robot Jox!

    If directors are never allowed to use work even remotely close to other movies, there wouldn’t be much for advancement.

  13. go do your own movie people. better doing than talking.

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